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Feb. 20, - Feb. 26, 2024

The MRU Squash Club is looking for 16 billet families  -  housing players with MRU Squash Club members, families or friends.



  • Accommodation for all main draw players, from the night before main draw commencement until two nights after that player is eliminated. The latest departure is the morning after the finals.

  • Single occupancy with bathroom facilities.

  • One meal per day (usually breakfast).

  • A maximum 30-minute drive from the venue.

  • Reasonable transport to the venue (if not within walking distance).

  • Recommended that players are hosted by couples or families wherever possible.


Acceptable Accomodation:

  • Players provided a private bedroom. Not sharing a twin room, unless two players are happy with this arrangement.

  • A proper bed (airbeds and sofa beds are not acceptable).

  • Players do not need en-suite rooms, but should have convenient bathroom access.


Meals Provided:

  • Only one meal per day is expected. Usually breakfast.

  • Often, hosts go above and beyond and offer players further meals - this is appreciated but not required.


Dietary Requirements, Restrictions, Allergies:

  • It is the player’s responsibility to make any allergies or dietary requirements known to the promoter/host.

  • We advise promoters request this information from players upon entry confirmation.   Players understand that dietary requirements can only be catered-to within limits.


Accommodation to Partners, Family Members, Coaches, etc:

  • If one is offering private billeting, it is assumed that this is for players only.

  • Partners, family members, coaches, etc. are not expected to be billeted. This is not a requirement.

  • Of course, if there is additional accommodation available - and hosts are willing - then any additional help is appreciated.


Billet/Host Location Requirements:

  • Ideally, players should be within walking distance of the club. If not, transport should be provided.

  • Assuming the billet is not within walking distance (and ideally no further than 30-minutes by car).

  • (A) Players will normally need a lift from the club to their billet upon arrival. (b) Scheduled pick-up or a lift to/from the club for practice and play.

  • Promoters should let players know where they are located in relation to the club/venue prior to arrival.

  • (B) What if players are arriving earlier than the day before the tournament and/or leaving later than the last day of their entitlement?

  • Hosts are not required to provide additional nights outside of the tournament schedule (the night before the main draw starts until two nights after elimination).

  • Where players request this and it is not possible, promoters should inform the player of the dates that they will be receiving private billeting, and suggest some local accommodation alternatives, such as a budget hotel near the club for the additional nights.


Other Requirements:

  • Wi-Fi. We live in an age of technology, and players appreciate having access to Wi-Fi. If hosts have a limit on Wi-FI data, please let players know in advance so that extra charges can be avoided. 

  • Wi-Fi access is a recommendation, and not a mandatory requirement.

  • Laundry. If players are in the midst of a tournament circuit, it would be appreciated if players have access to their host's laundry facilities.

​Guidance In Short:

1. Confirm your list of host families, including address and contact details.

2. Request the following information from players:

  • Intended arrival and departure details

  • Food restrictions, intolerances or dietary requirements

  • Additional allergies, e.g. pets

3. Key point: Set a clear deadline for when one requires this information.

4. Allocate the players accordingly with confirmed hosts.

5. Provide players with details of their billets at least two-weeks prior to the tournament, including name, address, contact details.

6. Players are encouraged to introduce themselves to billets prior to arrival.


PSA Player Expectations:

  • Courtesy and politeness at all times 

  • All house rules obeyed

  • Avoid disturbing other members of the family/household

  • Not abuse the hospitality offered by asking for extra, free accommodation

  • Communicate to the relevant people when they are departing their host's home

If you would like to host a PSA player for the duration of tournament, please register HERE

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