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Calgary Interclub League Requirements:

> the CISL (Calgary Interclub Squash League) runs matches every second Tuesdays (or in some cases based on court availability on Wednesdays)
> league runs from mid-September to end of April
> Night of the match 4 players from one team plays against 4 players from another team
> consists of Men and Women divisions
> Social after the match is MANDATORY. Cost for the hosting: each player pays for themselves.

Estimated Financial requirements for Interclub participants:
> Each Player purchases Squash Alberta membership = $55 
> Each Player purchases MRU Squash Club membership = $50 +processing fee (last year's cost)
> Team Fee (which covers the court bookings, balls, towels, CISL and SA fees)  approx $425 per team or approx $75 per player
> Social cost varies

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